Friday, April 27, 2012

Road trip

This was a post that i wrote back in april and i forgot to post lol. Were home now and after driving out to Idaho with logan the first time we decided not to do that again. So Logan and I flew home and Ryan drove by himself it was much faster and easier lol

Mr Logan on the drive hes just so dang cute
Well once again we are traveling across the country to Idaho a trip that I could probably do in my sleep if I wouldn't run off the road, except this time Logan is with us and boy does having a baby make a difference. First of all Logan has more crap then Ryan and I put together lol. It was so hard deciding what clothes and stuff he would actually need and what stuff i just wanted to take. I was very sad to leave my awesome set up i have for Logan's stuff in his room. Everything of his had its own lil place to go :( sad. but hey that's life right. For the most part Logan did pretty good he did have his moments when he absolutely did not want to be in his seat anymore i just had to take him out, but thank goodness for baby toys. Hes finally  starting to show interest in them and they can hold his attention for a lil bit. Right now were chilling in Utah for a couple days then its off to Boise. Thankfully that drive is only 6 hours.

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Jeanette said...

Glad you have much of the trip done. Are you just in Idaho for the summer?