Friday, April 27, 2012

Road trip

This was a post that i wrote back in april and i forgot to post lol. Were home now and after driving out to Idaho with logan the first time we decided not to do that again. So Logan and I flew home and Ryan drove by himself it was much faster and easier lol

Mr Logan on the drive hes just so dang cute
Well once again we are traveling across the country to Idaho a trip that I could probably do in my sleep if I wouldn't run off the road, except this time Logan is with us and boy does having a baby make a difference. First of all Logan has more crap then Ryan and I put together lol. It was so hard deciding what clothes and stuff he would actually need and what stuff i just wanted to take. I was very sad to leave my awesome set up i have for Logan's stuff in his room. Everything of his had its own lil place to go :( sad. but hey that's life right. For the most part Logan did pretty good he did have his moments when he absolutely did not want to be in his seat anymore i just had to take him out, but thank goodness for baby toys. Hes finally  starting to show interest in them and they can hold his attention for a lil bit. Right now were chilling in Utah for a couple days then its off to Boise. Thankfully that drive is only 6 hours.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Logan was in my belly

So continuing on with Logans stories i just wanted to put down a couple things about my pregnancy that i wanted to remember. As pregnancies go I think i had a pretty good one. However, literally as soon as i found out i was pregnant the nausea hit me. Lucky for me we were out for the summer doing security and i wasn't working. I find this to be a true blessing cause i spent alot of time on the couch. Even though i was nauseous i was thankful that i wasn't constantly throwing up like everyone says is suppose to happen. One thing that was helping me a lot was the fact that i was working out everyday. Lots of walking,(including walking Copper), the elliptical and Zumba. During my entire pregnancy i only got sick on two different occasions and both of them happened after driving ten hours in the car. So i don't blame Logan for that just the car trip.

Some other pregnancy experiences the cravings. Now my cravings weren't as crazy as some people get but i would go through spurts. Like for a whole week all i wanted was Sonic hot dogs. Weird I know. But for pretty much the entire time two things I couldn't get enough of was fruit and slushies. I constantly had to have fruit. Ryan was like really how much fruit do you need haha. I ate a whole watermelon by myself in about three day. Plus the fruit really helped with my nausea so i wasn't complaining.
While we were in Alabama Ryan and I finally decided on names. I've always had the name Alana picked out for a girl but i had absolutely no clue for a boy name. Every time I would pick one, Ryan didn't like it. So I had my sister Taylor write me up a list of names that she liked and of course you know all names have to be Aunt Taylor approved :). It just so happened that Logan was on her list. It was the only name that Ryan and I could both agree on. I don't know how the name Isaiah came to my head for his middle name but it sounded good so we went with it.

Another thing that through me for a loop was when the doctor told me that I had gestational diabetes. First of all that sugar crap sucks. After failing the first test i dreaded going the second time. Then I had to go take the three hour test which i didn't even make it through cause i threw up. So then i had to go back and do it again. I kept the sugar stuff down but had to endure getting stuck 7 times cause i have such bad veins that the lab person had to keep sticking me in multiple places. After hear that I failed the 3 hour test I was devastated. I felt like a failure cause my body wasn't working properly. I was worried and scared that because of me something could be wrong with Logan. I thought I had done something wrong. Of course later I realized that it wasn't my fault. Doctors don't know why perfectly healthy women develop this while they are pregnant it is just something that happens. I was also relieved to learn that it wasn't really serious, I didn't have to take medicine. I just had to monitor my blood sugar since my levels were just elevated. So after making some slight changes to what I ate, one cookie instead of 5, less carbs, and alot of water, I was able to deal with it.

Looking back on everything, I loved being pregnant, I loved feeling my lil man kick inside me. I loved knowing that this wonderful person was growing inside me. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me with one of his choice spirits and I feel so lucky to be Logan's Mommy.

32 week Ultrasound, I love looking back at these pics cause look at his cheeks he came out with those chub chub cheeks i just love it.Me at 15 weeks this was about the time that a bump started showing not just extra fat haha

23 weeks, needless to say Logan started getting big fast

29 weeks with my big belly

Last night being pregnant before heading to the hospital in the morning 39 weeks and 6 days made it to the end.

yup he's definitely a boy

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Logans Stories

So i haven't had a new post in a very long time and I've been wanting to get back in the game but didn't know where to start so I thought i'd start with how I found out i was pregnant. To begin, Ryan and I had just moved to Little Rock for his security job. It felt nice to be on our own as a new married couple. We had only been married for three months so of course we were still in our honeymoon stage, babies was a far off thought. Then one night, in the middle of the night I threw up it was so strange cause i wasn't sick, but we had tacos for dinner that night so i though maybe the tacos just made me sick no big deal. Then the next morning I made french toast for breakfast. Ryan like to put a tone of syrup oh his french toast and we he did the smell completely overwhelmed me and it almost made me sick. I was like" Hunny oh that stinks". Of course Ryan joked,"hunny its syrup how can it stink, maybe your pregnant". "Ha Ha very funny", I replied there was no way I could be pregnant, I was on birth control. Little did I know there was a little Logan already in the making.

So all day i kept thinking, could i really be pregnant. So i got up went to walmart and got a test. Well I didn't do the test right so it came up as an error. Completely freaking i went back to walmart and got another test. I went home took the test and sure enough it came up positive. I couldn't believe it. So Ryan came home and I gave him the stick and he just laughed. I was still in denial over the stupid stick the plus was starting to fade, so we made another trip back to walmart to get yet another test. This time I got the Clear Blue test there are no plus signs or line just plain words that say pregnant, not pregnant, my kind of test. So we went home and took the test and it said pregnant. I didn't know what to think, by this time i was really freaking out, I mean we just got married, I was ready to have a baby yet, what would people say getting pregnant so fast. Ryan on the other hand was just fine with it, he was excited.

The next morning we decided to take one last test since the box had two tests in it. Also, its better to take the tests in the morning since the pregnancy hormones are more prominent. By this 4th test i was finally convinced, yup I'm pregnant and that morning just so happened to be Mothers Day. So I had my first Mothers Day and i didn't even plan on it. Logan has been the best surprise that has ever happened to me. I've now come to realize that things happen for a reason and obviously the little boy was just meant to come even if mom and dad weren't quite ready for him yet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kayaking Down the Buffalo River

One weekend while we were in Fayettville AR we went with some friends kayaking down the Buffalo River. It was a long day but it was really fun. The whole trip was ten miles long. The whole time I just wanted to sing Just Around the River Bend like pocahotas.

Everybody jumping of the cliff

The Buffalo River is so Beautiful and clear

In the car driving down to the river

Monday, June 13, 2011

Adventures In Arkansas

One weekend while we were in Little Rock, Ryan, his cousin Jacob, Jacobs fiance Beth, and I took the dogs to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. It was really fun, and the park was not to far from our apartments. It had tons of trails that lead you up and down the mountain. So we brought copper and Jake brought his dog Akira and we hiked up the mountain the dogs loved it and we had a good day

This was the creek that went though the park I thought it was so pretty.

Our friend Beth climbed up the tree, I on the other hand have a huge fear of climbing trees so i defiantly did not climb up there.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living In The Dirty South/Kinda :)

So Ryan and I have moved to Little Rock Arkansas for the summer. Ryan is installing security systems for the company North Star. So we got sent down here from April to August. The bad thing is is that I'm home all day by myself with copper and somtimes it can get a little boring. However, I have found a couple of really cool places that I want to see here in Arkansas and I'm determined to go see the sights. But Ryan loves this job and he's really good at it. So for now I'm just supporting my husband and we'll see where life takes us. Copper on the other hand has not liked the move very much

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching up (Engagements)

So my computer has been out of commision for a while so I havent got to put up all the wedding stuff so I figured I would start with the engagments. A friend of my moms took are pics. They turned out great.

Since ryan and I have been planning are wedding for along time. Us getting engaged wasnt really a big secret. We went and picked out the ring but ryan had just started a new job. So he spent a month paying for the ring and I finally got it. I knew that ryan was on his last payment for the ring and that he gets paid on fridays. Well ryan found out that his check actually comes on Wednesday so he called me and said hunny we have to go out tonight . But I had to work and wouldnt get of until almost 9. At the time ryan had to be at work at 5 so hes usually in bed by ten. At this point I knew something was up but I just went with it. So we went out to eat at are favorite place Applebees. Everything was pretty normal. We then went to walmart and got some stuff for his parents. Then headed back to his house by this time its almost elevin and ryan was about to fall asleep. We got back to the house and I was about to go inside when ryan stopped me and said hey I havent had a hug today so I gave him a hug and then kept walking and then he stopped me and when I turned around he was on his knee. He said that he loved me so much and asked me to marry him. I cried of course and after five years of dating I finally got my ring.

This one is my fav